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General Information

The date the club was founded is a little vague, but it moved to its present location around 1935...

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Keston Men’s Club is located at the back of the Village Hall in Keston, Kent...

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Anyone wishing to join the club who is not being introduced by an existing member...

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End of session

At the end of a playing session be sure to brush the table thoroughly. Without wishing to teach my grandmother how to suck eggs, brushing should start at the baulk end of the table, parallel to the sides and with the nap. Don’t forget to brush the tops of the cushions.

Enter details of the session and any additional payments in the register. Return the pot to the cupboard and make sure that everything is turned off.

The heaters

The two heaters in the room are fed by the coin-operated meter near the clock on the end wall. Ensure that the red switch is in the ‘on’ position and use the pound coin to feed the meter. When leaving the club remember to turn the red switch to ‘off’.