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General Information

The date the club was founded is a little vague, but it moved to its present location around 1935...

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Keston Men’s Club is located at the back of the Village Hall in Keston, Kent...

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Anyone wishing to join the club who is not being introduced by an existing member...

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Toilet refurbishment

Work will begin on refurbishing the toilet area at the Club on Wednesday, 6th October, and is expected to take two weeks to complete. Snooker can continue to be played during this time, but please note that the toilet facilities will be out of use until the renovation is complete.

KMC to reopen on 12 April

The next step on the Government’s path out of lockdown is due to be no earlier than 12 April, when indoor leisure facilities such as gyms will reopen but only for use by people on their own or in household groups. Accordingly, the snooker club will reopen from 12 April, but only for members playing on their own or with other people from the same household group.

The table should be booked through the web site as usual and if you are playing on your own the rate is £1 per hour.

Keston Men’s Club – Roadmap out of lockdown

Following the government announcement last week, a number of members have asked when the club will reopen. As you will see from the information below, the answer to this question is not yet clear.

Government guidance

  • No earlier than 12 April:
    • Indoor leisure (including gyms) open for use individually or within household groups
    • No household mixing indoors
  • No earlier than 17 May:
    • Organised indoor adult sport
    • Indoor entertainment and attractions
    • Rule of 6 or two households indoors

EPSB (English Partnership for Snooker and Billiards) guidance:

  • “Following government announcements, the EPSB is currently conducting a thorough review of the information available before issuing formal guidance.”
  • “On the basis of the headline information provided, however, we are optimistic that snooker facilities will be able to re-open from 17 May, subject to the restrictions in place at that time e.g. Rule of 6, or two households.”

So, based upon this information, it seems likely that 17 May will be the earliest date that the club will be able to reopen.

Club closed… again

Following yesterday’s announcement that Greater London is to move into Tier 3 restrictions from midnight tonight, we have been forced to close the club once again. It will remain closed until further notice.

KMC Reopening

Following the announcement by the Government last week of the new Tier system to come into operation at the end of the current national lockdown, we are pleased to announce that the Club will be reopening with effect from Wednesday 2 December. However, due to the nature of the Tier 2 restrictions, together with updated advice from the EPSB, you may only play with one other person from another household or with more than one other person from your own household, up to a maximum of four people from the same household in the Club at any one time.

The booking system will operate as normal from Wednesday 2 December and the same COVID-19 operating instructions as circulated previously continue to apply.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact a member of the Committee.

Club closed again

With all London boroughs now in the Tier 2 (high) category of coronavirus restrictions, we have regrettably been required to close the Club once again with immediate effect. As soon as the alert level for Bromley is downgraded to Tier 1 (medium), the Club will be reopened.

Heaters not working

There appears to be a problem with the coin-operated meter that turns on the heating at the club. We hope this will be fixed as soon as possible. In the meantime, it might be best to take some warm clothing with you the next time you play.